Global Megatrends Influencing the Future of Healthcare

participatory, engaged,
increased expectation
Complexity / cost
reimbursement reform
on demand,
ubiquitous access
Digital health
Internet of Things,
precision medicine

Why we exist

To develop advanced therapeutic and vaccine manufacturing and delivery systems to address the future challenges in healthcare.

CoM3D was borne out of the recognition that healthcare is changing.
Major trends influencing the future of healthcare including: patient-centric care, personalised precision medicine, complexity of care, democratisation, an ever-increasing focus on cost, with transformation enabled by digital health - even before the pandemic - are all forcing change.
CoM3D is developing platform technologies to address these major trends in healthcare and has assembled a team of leading scientists with the clinical and industry experience to rapidly bring these technologies to market, through proven and scalable business models.
This is an exciting time to be in the healthcare sector with renewed focus on infectious disease and with the therapeutics and vaccines that are essential in controlling and protecting our growing population having never been in greater need.
We at CoM3D look forward to making a fundamental contribution to the science needed to resolve these challenges.

Collaborative scalable business model


Passionately developing
advanced pharmaceutical and vaccine delivery systems


Market entry via strategic partners, proliferating with licensing, development support across the ecosystem


Continuous academic development, meaningful clinical validation, extension across disease types

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