3D Printing of Bespoke Personalised Medicines


Everyone is different and has a different response profile to drugs.
Often prescriptions require many different tablets.
A very limited provision for patient-specific products on the market.
Difficult to deliver and/or store in remote and inaccessible areas (polar regions, wilderness, disaster areas, warzones, space).


Enables Scalable Local Manufacture.
Pre-extruded ingredients can be sent.
Printed dose can be varied according to need.
Multiple formulations in one print.
Avoids volumes of blister packs and boxes.
PortaPill: a first-of-its-kind untra-portable smart 3D printing system to produce personalised pills across the therapeutic classes (incl. antibiotics)

Patient focused 3D printing solution

3D Printing Process


Unique, portable, and innovative, PortaPill utilises novel printing materials that can contain specific drugs for treatments of a wide-range of ailments including Cardiovascular, antibiotics, and anti-cancer drugs. Our digital medicine manufacturing system can deliver the right medicines at the point of need to remote and inaccessible areas as well as crisis zones in a more effective and timely manner which is currently otherwise impossible.

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