Alastair Syvret

CoM3D developing hybrid anti-viral delivery systems

CoM3D is pleased to announce its work on the development of hybrid anti-viral nanoparticulate delivery systems, has commenced, at the University of Texas.
The recent outbreak of the severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 and its associated disease, COVID-19, has highlighted the importance and urgency, of developing more effective delivery systems for future antiviral therapeutics. CoM3D believes its advanced additive manufacturing technology, harnessing 3D printing of nanoparticles, holds great promise in delivering highly effective, personalized, treatment regimen for respiratory infections. Under the guidance of A. Prof Dr Mohammed Maniruzzaman, at UoT Austin, we have undertaken to rapidly develop novel, 3D printed, nano-particulate drug delivery systems to deliver existing/future therapeutic agents directly into lungs of patients, using a patient-specific approach. This delivery route offers the scientific advantage of delivering the therapeutic agent directly to the site of infection, coupled to practical and logistical advantages conferred by this approach.

3rd June, 2020

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