The University of Texas at Austin

"What starts here changes the world" is UT Austin's motto.

  • UT Austin boasts of its 8 Noble Prize Winning Scientists including Prof. John Goodenough (Noble Prize in Chemistry 2019)
  • Texas was ranked #6 globally in a recent report published by Reuters, on the world’s most innovative Universities (Reuters 2018)
  • The overall ranking of Austin is #38 (THE 2020) whereas in the actual College of Pharmacy at Austin is ranked in the top 3 in the U.S.
  • The College of Pharmacy at UT Austin is internationally recognized for ground breaking research (funding in excess of $10 million each year)
  • College of Pharmacy hosts more than 12 units, centres and institutes and associated institutes for innovative research and scholarly actives across the disciplines
University of Texas University of Texas

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